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Thread: Problem installing Alexa Tollbar with Spyware Guard.

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    Problem installing Alexa Tollbar with Spyware Guard.


    When I tried installing this, I got a popup from Spyware guard, asking if I want to allow BHO, and I said no...after that the alexa toolbar just looks like another address bar (white empty space) with nothing else. I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, I don't get the 'keep BHO' popup from Spyware Guard anymore, but the alexa toolbar still looks the same. Just a long white space. I used ad-ware to remove all the registry entires for alexa toolbar, then tried reinstalling, no message from spyware guard, and alexa toolbar still doesn't display properly.

    I know it had something to do with me denying the BHO on the first install, but how do I get it back to where I can install alexa toolbar. PLEASE HELP.


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    Spyware Guard is doing a good Idea blocking it as it is spyware,
    Not one of the worse but spyware anyway
    It is a dataminer. A dataminer is software that has the primary function of gathering data about an end-user.
    Here is more infomation,
    if Spybot, Spyware Guard, And ad-aware, say it is spyware it is proberly safe to not install

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