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Thread: GIF's different color in SAFARI

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    GIF's different color in SAFARI

    Hey I have a gif set as an image link, and for some reason in Safari the gifs are a different shade of blue than the background image they are set on, why is this? And can it be fixed? Heres the link http://www.spaodesigns.com/GCCC/index.html

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    GIFs use a limited palette from the entire set of colors, 256 out of 16 million. Perhaps you chose a color that isn't available on the hardware you tried to view it on.

    You can try saving the image as a jpg (which doesn't use a limited palette), and seeing how that looks. If that solves it, then palette issues may be causing the problem.
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    I fixed it, I took the ICC Profiles out of my jpegs, and now they are all the same color. It seems Safari is the only browser that actually reads the ICC Profiles.

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