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Thread: RegularExpressionValidator make me crazy!

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    RegularExpressionValidator make me crazy!

    Hi, from Italy,
    I've a problem with a RegularExpressionValidator.
    I want validate a textbox following these condition:
    1) length must be beetween 3 and 7 charachters
    2) spaces not allowed
    3) must contains at least 2 of these special charachters ($,%,&,/,(,),=,,")
    4) must contains only these special charachters ($,%,&,/,(,),=,,"), numbers, letters (uppercase and lowercase) and no spaces

    It's too difficult for me.
    In Italy there aren't serious guidelines for RegularExpressions, and i've not find answer to my questions online in other sites.

    Please help me, i know you can.

    thank you.

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    you may refer these sites for help in reg ex

    1) http://www.regular-expressions.info/

    2) http://www.regexlib.com

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