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Thread: Great software project names

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    Great software project names

    I'm really stuck trying to name my new content management system, anyone have any good ideas, something that has meaning.

    i originally assigned asgard as the project name, but someone brought up that it sounds like something you need for the showers in prison and it put me right off.

    Its harder than you think!!!

    thanks guys

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    be creative.

    NOC Intranet Tool = N.I.T.
    'where is this located?' 'It's on NIT'

    Wheelie Dashboard tool
    'That is cool' 'I know it's wheelie cool isn't it?'

    Plays on words is always a fun one.

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    Almost anything cool you think of by yourself is going to have been used already, probably for an inferior or deleted product. Google is your friend here.

    1. Use Google to find Norse / Greek / French / German etc. girls' / boys' / names, or names for things associated with your product.
    (Here's a good site)
    2. Pick one you like the feel of.
    3. (optional) Alter it slightly if you like, to make it cooler. e.g. Freya -> Phreya
    4. Feed the name into Google. If you get more than 10 pages of hits, return to stage 1.
    5. If any of the hits are for rival products or carry negative associations, return to stage 1.
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    Put your trust in ConMan, the Content Management system. - Use ConMan once and you'll be in for Life!

    Need order in your life? Then you need Con & Order - the content mangement system!

    Do you lead a socially active life? If so then you need protection! Protection from spending time managing your own content. Get TrOJN-Man - the True Online Job Notice MANagement system - TrOJN - use it for your protection - and theirs!

    You haven't been managed until you've been managed by a TrueMan ! TrueMan - the true content management system for your pleasure and enjoyment.
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    thanks for the replys guys

    i particularly like ConMan, it has a nice feel to it.

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    You may like it. So did they.

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    So adapt it a little... Conti-man?
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    'Jarhead' code name?

    This is a really old thread, but some of you might know the answer to this off-the-wall question: Has the name 'Jarhead' ever been used for a software project code name? If so, what was the product/project?


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    Jarhead? Very much in use. See Google. See my previous answer. Get much more original.

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    admitted jarhead's not original

    and it was only a temporary name since I had to pick one in 10 seconds to put on a sprint planning title, planning to go back later with the team to pick something more interesting.

    I wasn't intending to use it, I agree it's not original.

    thanks for your pointers.

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    Yes, another good one is to stick two words together. I used Myth and Axis to make the title of my sf magazine, and it's remained top of the Google list ever since.

    That trick is also helpful in getting a unique domain name, though, after I took mythaxis.co.uk, some hopeful speculator snapped up all the other mythaxis names (mythaxis.net mythaxis.com etc.) in the hope I'll buy them off him later. In the words of John McEnroe... "Eat my shorts, Turkey!"

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    Here I come again. Jack Vance is an excellent source of weird names. I took carfilhiot.co.uk from his Lyonesse trilogy.

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