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Thread: Hour Glass problem!!!! SOS

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    Hour Glass problem!!!! SOS

    Hi All,

    I have a very strange problem. I have a JSP page which on click of a button generates a report in excel format and displays the Open,Save Dialog.

    Functionality wise everything is working fine, but while the report is being generated the browser(IE) doesnot display the HOUR GLASS.

    The customer is complaining that he needs some indication that the report is getting generated( even though the progress bar is showing progress and globe at the top corner is rotating).

    Can anyone please suggest me a way through.

    JSP Code
    <html:submit value="Finish" onclick="return genReport();"/>

    Java Script function called
    function genReport()
    lsProduct = document.forms[0].productNumberInput.value;
    lsMcn = document.forms[0].mcnNumberInput.value;
    lsPcn = document.forms[0].pcnNumberInput.value;
    lsCust = document.forms[0].customerNameInput.value;
    lsStatus = document.forms[0].selectedStatusInput.value;

    var confirmDec = true;
    if(lsProduct=='' && lsMcn=='' && lsPcn=='' && lsCust=="" && lsStatus=='All')
    confirmDec = confirm("The search may take some time since no filtering criteria is present. Do you want to continue?");

    return true;
    return false;

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    hunmm....did u look into implementing XMLHttpRequest object in your page for such GUI pieces?


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