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Thread: How do you check your ranking?

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    How do you check your ranking?

    Just put upp my site www.appsoftheweb.com last weeks friday, I found that I had a visit from the googlebot, but I can't find my page on there.

    Could someone that knows about this check out my html-code (I added the meta after the googlebot) and see if it's totally not right or... I'm a newbie at this so..

    Thanks for your help!:
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    You can validate your code at validator.w3.org. Make sure it is valid HTML. And try not to use a nested table layout - it is hard to maintain and CSS is much better.

    Your meta tags are correct, but I believe the Google ranking is based more on page content and number of links to the page than meta tags.

    I don't know how long it takes Google to update the database, but your site may not be listed for a while.

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    AdamGundry, I'm just curious after reading your comment on the nested table, cos I've been using a lot of nested table... how do I change it into using css instead? i have css but its mainly for different size/color of text only... how do i create table with it?

    beeman, nice web, although i can't comment much... i'm newbie too.. hehe...

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    I know you didn't ask for this, but I'd like to make a suggestion. You use a textured background behind some fairly small print (your app descriptions). This makes it difficult to read at resolutions above 800 x 600. At 1024 x 768, I'm squinting to read your site content.

    My suggestion would be to either lose the texture behind the text, or switch the dark gray & the light gray.

    Just my 2c worth. I like the basic format of the site, though.


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    Google typically updates its database every two months and crawls on a monthly basis for most sites and jumps via hyperlinks.

    Furthermore Google doesn't pay much notice to <meta> keywords.

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