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    Menu Problem

    This could be a problem completely unrelated, but I am having a problem with my CSS menu. It is horizontal, and stretches from one end to the other (just barely enough room). When the browser window is not at full screen, or I have the sidebar on my browser open, instead of creating a horizontal scroll bar, it moves the side of my menu to the next line creating an ugly effect.

    Here's a pretty raw version of the navigation. Try opening up your sidebar or resizing the browser window.


    Is there any way I can get it so a horizontal scroll bar appears when the browser window is too small?

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    I believe you can do javascript to check for screen resolution and then use document.write to put in the code depending on whether it should be vertical or horizontal.

    You could just set a width on the table instead of using 100%. That way, if a browser window is too small, it will extend off the the right and they will have to scroll over.
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