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Thread: Help Wanted!! Lost my PR...

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    Help Wanted!! Lost my PR...

    Hello I'm having a problem last friday I noticed all of my resource pages completely lost all there Page Rank in a one day time period. A day before I was working on the resource.html would that have been the problem?

    This is the page I was working on Thursday http://www.shelko.com/resources/

    The links that lost the page rank on friday

    EDI Software Vendors
    Financial Services

    and the rest of the categories

    Thank you

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    Think it's unlikely that anything you did last week would have had such an immediate effect on your PageRank.

    If it's any consolation, I lost PageRank on a few pages over the last couple of weeks. I'm assuming (hoping!) that this has nothing to do with my website, and more to do with some sort of glitch on Google's side.

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