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    Question about index.php?view=


    Is there a way to combine all of your scripts into one single script using the PHP equivalent of something like an HTML anchor? A good example of what I'm trying to do is the shown by following site:


    Each time you click on one of thier navigation buttons, "Join" for instance, the page returns thier join form and the address bar now reads:


    I am under the impression that all of the code for this site is contained within thier index.php file. If I am wrong here, can someone explain what's going on. Also, if I am right, is there documentation on how to achieve this sort of organization? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    It is either all in one page (not likely and rather gross to maintain) or it is including a file using that variable. The other option is it's all in a database and it pulls from there. I'd guess an include though.

    You would do something like this (highly insecure version )
    PHP Code:
    It would be safer to have an array and bind pages to keywords.
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