I've been going through many variations of this and I cannot make Safari resize an existing window. None of the following work, although at least one works for every other browser I've tested on Mac and Windows:

top.window.outerWidth = 300;
top.window.outerHeight = 400;

window.resizeTo(300, 400);

top.window.resizeTo(300, 400);

I don't see any special security settings in my Safari preferences. The action is set in a window.onload in the page.

If I open a new window with window.open("url", "", "width=300, height=400"), it will use the specified size in Safari, but the design of my app (which launches the window from a Flash movie) would need major restructuring if I had to rebuild it this way. I really want Safari to resize the existing window.

Does anyone have a working example they could show?