I'm looking for forum software which would allow me to do the following:

a) When creating a message, the (anomynous) user has the option to select a number of keywords from a list of specific keywords.

b) Depending on the keyword(s) associated with a message, the message should pop up in different threads.

So for example, say I create a message and have two combo boxes from which I can select a number of keywords e.g. age and gender. The forum would then be organized in different categories, each category having a number of threads e.g.

0) General
1) Girls related
2) Boys related
3) Teens related
4) Senior adults related

If I post a message in category 0 general and indicate that the message is for girls who are younger than 20, then I'd like to see the message pop up in 0), 1) and 3)

If I post a message in 1), then it would automatically assumed that this message is for girls and the only option I'd need to select is age. Likewise, if I select categroy 3 (teens), then I'd only need to select gender.

Would you be able to recommend me some forum software which would easily be customizable for this type of thing ?

Many thanks,