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Thread: any help with this task

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    any help with this task

    sorry..i couldnt post the .jpg image here for some reason

    but now i'm having difficulity adding some functions to my datagrid..i'm using Visual Web Developer..coding in VB.Net...anyone having some problem getting these functions to display in a datagrid??


    Create an ASP.Net sample module

    1) First Screen should have the above columns ( Formatting not important)
    2) They should be coming from an access database
    3) Structure of the Table in access
    a. Category Master
    i. catid
    ii. description
    b. tblHeader
    i. headerid
    ii. title
    iii. dateadded
    c. tblDetails
    i. detailid
    ii. headerid
    iii. catid
    Each Header can have multiple categories
    Note if there are multiple categories then there should be displayed comma separated as shown against Eric Spell Bio Record above
    4) The module should have an add, edit and a delete functionality

    any samples i can look at to accomplish this...
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