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Thread: PHP for database on my website?

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    PHP for database on my website?

    I am currently trying to build a website that people can log in to(via a username), in which their personal details are retrieved (in this example their likeness for music) and they can alter these details. Is PHP the best tool for this? and as a complete novice is there any software (like dreamweaver for html) that will help me in my quest to write my website?

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    PHP is certainly one of the tools you could use. I would not call it the "best", nor would I call anything else the "best" -- it all depends on particular situations and personal taste.

    However, PHP is a programming language. If you have no experience in programming (in any language), then building a secure and robust login system from scratch may be problemmatic. I don't know of any tool that will "write it for you"; normally you just use the text editor of your choice (with many available that provide colored syntax highlighting for PHP code). Your best bet may be to search script sites (such as hotscripts.com) for a ready-made script that will suit your needs.

    But, if you're up for an interesting learning experience and broadening your skill set, creating your own PHP scripts is a good way to go: it's probably as easy to learn as any web scripting language and is widely available on many web servers.
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