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Thread: IFRAMES Transparency

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    Talking IFRAMES Transparency

    Hi all - I am using IFRAMES and loading content into them. However, I need the background to be transparent so the main image on the page is underneath the text in the HTML documents within the IFRAME. I have tried background-color="transparent" and it doesn't work. Anyone else come across this yet?
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    Have you tried making both <html> and <body> transparent?

    If not try it

    <style type="text/css">
    html, body {background:transparent;}

    If it doesn't work in browsers you are probably SOL.

    <object type="text/html"...> would be another option that is more likely to pick up the background, but browsersupport for including images like this is really bad.

    This page also shows a method that should theoretically be possible for you to apply (uning the same images as background) however IE is quite broken in it's CSS support of background images
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    IE only ...

    has an attribute called "allowTransparency". See


    for more information.

    It is a Microsoft proprietary attribute.

    BTW, I don't think you want quotes around transparent. I believe it is a constant, not a string. In IE, the background-color of an object by default is transparent.

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