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Thread: [RESOLVED] URGENT! JavaScript ToolTip Doesn't Work Right in FireFox

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    resolved [RESOLVED] URGENT! JavaScript ToolTip Doesn't Work Right in FireFox

    Hey guys,

    I have some code that renders tooltips that I picked up off the web. It works beautifully in all versions of IE but I am having a problem with it in FireFox. The code is designed to show a tooltip just beside the mouse tip, however in FireFox, the tooltip always goes to the very top left corner of the page.

    I really need to make this page compatible with both IE and FireFox. If any of you have any suggestions on what I can do to make it work in FireFox as it does in IE I would be extremely grateful. Right now, I am not even sure the reason why it behaves so differently in FireFox so I am having some difficulty working up a solution.

    To view the page/code please go to the following URL:

    Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. I am pretty desperate to find a solution to this seemingly simple problem.

    Thanks in advance!

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    function update_tip_pos(){
    		document.getElementById('ToolTip').style.left = (mouse_X + 5)+'px';
    		document.getElementById('ToolTip').style.top  = (mouse_Y)+'px';

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    Problem solved! Disaster averted...

    Thanks Vic! You are the bomb! That worked perfectly.

    I had a feeling it was something simple.

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