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Thread: strange problem with select option in Firefox

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    strange problem with select option in Firefox

    I am making css design,
    but i have a strange problem with CSS
    the design has 3 divs aligned horizontally with float:left
    now when i put a options in select box in some child div of the middle div
    the third div slides down.

    here is how it looks with options in select box >> http://sameer.net.in/testarea/blogform.html

    the page without options in select box is>>> http://sameer.net.in/testarea/blogform1.html
    can anyone please tell me why its happening?
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    There's a one pixel difference in that center div position but I don't know why.
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    the container div is 760px wide
    the left div is 174px middle 410px and third 174px
    all three are float:left
    so they should be rendered one after other horizontally
    but the third one sliding down as if it dont have enough room.

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    problem with select option in Firefox

    I ma having the same problem here.. can anyone help me out when i use the select input in the left content box it clears the midle and right content box to the left side, when it was supposed to float next to eachother works fine in IE

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