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Thread: Scrolling Marquee HELP !

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    Question Scrolling Marquee HELP !

    I have an animated gif of a skydiver that I would like to start at the top right corner of web page and automatically scroll to the bottom. Either in a <TABLE> or in a <TD ROWSPAN=6>.
    I remember doing this in class several years ago but can only remember how to scratch my butt right now.

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    Theretically this is how it will be done.

    create a <div name="jump"></div>
    Set the default position of this div to be absolute

    then on any event which u desire
    either onload or onclick

    get the divs position.top and position.left

    Left will always be the same since you want it to be at same side,
    from the top minus the number that you want the jump.gif to be scrolling down
    and then at the end reset the location of the div

    jump.top = new value
    jump.left = same value

    and finally call the method that does this all to the desired condition,which could be to the end of page etc.


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