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Thread: How to "re-load" dynamic fields when user clicks Back button

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    How to "re-load" dynamic fields when user clicks Back button

    Hi, All,

    Thanks to the kindness and intelligence of many of you, I have managed to create the following:

    When the Search Criteria page is first loaded, a list of check boxes is visible.

    When a user clicks a checkbox, a select box appears containing a a list of values pulled from a database (I'm using the XMLHttpRequest object to get the list of values).

    Once a user makes a selection in the select box, if that selection has "children", a second select box appears (with the "children" as options). (Again, I'm useing the XMLHttpRequest object to get the children.)

    All these selections are used to narrow down a search. It works great.

    However, the problem I'm having is:

    The user goes to the result page. If they decide the want to narrow down the search even more and click the Browser back button, the Search Criteria page loads with all the select boxes hidden - even the ones that had been visible before the results were viewed.

    Is there a way to save search criteria page? I'd like the page to look exactly the way it did before the user viewed the results.

    I can post the code if that will help.


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    you should be able to save the request object that actually was sent to server after the last final criteria was set and resulted the search page. depending upon the scope of your app you can use a request to store that object or may be a session...


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