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Thread: XML Standardization

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    Question XML Standardization

    Greetings All:

    Perhaps this is not the best forum to pose this question but I wanted to ask you all anyway.

    I work in the transportation industry and there is much debate over XML Standardization. Currently in "standards development world" there are several initiatives under way by many of the worlds leading standards development organizations (i.e. ASC-X12, UCC-EAM, W3C) to develop XML Standards. While XML provides a powerful method of B2B communications I question if "standardization" of XML is truly a requirement.

    So my question is, do you/does your organization develop its XML based applications based on an XML Standard, and if so which one.

    Interested in hearing your thoughts on XML Standards!


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    I think most of the development that involves XML and Java is completely W3C Standards based for XML,however,I am guessing,MS development,from the MS track record,may have some propritery elements in it..
    SO you question is probably that which platform supports true XML standards...In my opinion every open source project honors W3C standards for all Web related technologies.


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