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Thread: phpBB and TurkiyeCs.com

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    phpBB and TurkiyeCs.com

    It seams that someone from (or using a script from) TurkiyeCs.com has managed to screw with the phpBB forum on one of my websites. I did a backup resoration incase they managed to change the code of one of the pages but I the problem persists making me think it was a SQL injection into one of the mysql tables of phpBB.

    I've erased any posts, post_text and topics records that looked suspicious (and none of them seamed to contain anything I'd call malicious code. Though there was a lot of spam.

    The hack just redirects the index page of phpBB to TurkiyeCs.com/<whoever> but now I can't remember which version of phpBB I was using on that particular forum. I think it was something like 2.0.12

    I'm sure it's in the database somwhere and I'm gonna keep looking but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. If so, how they fixed it.

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    Ok, a very short time after it's been found and fixed. Seams someone stuck a meta-refresh tag in one the the forum descriptions. That and changed the categories table to reflect that they had hacked that forum.

    I guess all I can do is upgrade phpBB and hope for the best though. Maybe this post will save someone else a bit of a hastle.

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