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Thread: how much to do a global website

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    how much to do a global website


    I'll be working on a website at my job and it will be a large website project. Just out of curiousity how much do you think this project will cost? I want just a estimate range. I hope this is enough information to go on. Here are some of the logistics.

    This will be a dynamic site with flash, video clip, dynamic menus, search option, some database development.

    US company with 4 other facilites around the world. We have about 90+ products we sell in the US. The other countries sell a little bit more than that depend on the market. About a estimate of 400+ pages

    there is a portal page for the site like (bmw, mazda, and others, etc..)

    team tasks

    web developer:
    - designing infrastructure for the site with (xml, asp.net)
    - database design/programming
    - xml coding (components in pages)
    - css
    - backend development

    web designer:
    - flash animation
    - design look & feel
    - optimizing images for web
    - add content in pages

    web product manager:
    - weekly meetings
    - discuss site goals
    - admin duties
    - assign duties to team

    - maintenence/update site
    - perform backups
    - monitor site traffic/statistics
    - ideas of new technology to use on site

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    Popular question , general problem , depends on your invest department .

    Unless your team have well renown .
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    Price discussions are not permitted on this site.
    54 68 65 42 65 61 72 4D 61 79
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