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Thread: Question on Learning ASP.NET

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    Question on Learning ASP.NET

    Hi mates,

    I have a question to ask about .NET. I'm a absolute beginner with ASP.NET and I do not have past programming experience even with the old Visual Basic. Do you think it is easy for me to learn up VB.NET?

    Please advice, Thanks,

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    It will not be too dificult, I am just now beginning to feel comfortable with it, but you'll have to learn each version if you want to be real knowledgeable.

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    I can only relate my own experience. Don't expect this language to be intuitive for anything but the simplest of applications (such as the MS examples). You will need time to research the myraid namespaces to take full advantage of this tool.

    I come from a Delphi background and have been learning ASP/VB.NET for the last four months. I am making good progress but have spent days reading and researching in places like this.

    Its not an impossible task -- just not EASY. You'll invest some time.

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