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Thread: whitespace in html form

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    whitespace in html form

    I am working with an ASP web page, wriiten in vbscript.
    The page has an HTML form.
    The page uses an ADO connection to get data from a database.
    The data is displayed in the HTML form.

    Everything is working, except:
    One field in the database has two words. It is "Windows 95." The HTML form only displays "Windows."
    It drops the word after the whitespace.

    How can I make an HTML form (or the browser) display the whole field?
    I really don't want to change this field in all the records.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I am getting the value from an ADO database.
    Found that view - source shows correct data. I guess the browser knocks it out?

    Here is the data sent to the broswer:
    OS: <input type=text name=SomeField value = <% = rsGuestbook("FieldName") %>> <br>

    Here is what I see in view-source:
    OS: <input type=text name=SomeField value = Windows 95> <br>

    Can I add quotes to the original line somehow?

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    Thank you!!
    Your are a genius!

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