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Thread: Noobie help

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    Noobie help

    I am in the process of attempting to build an online browser based D&D game and am in need of alot of help.
    1. I can't seem to find a good log in /register code that will actually keep the username and password hidden and also only allow the correct person to log in under their correct password
    2. I can't seem to find a code that will enable auto update of a browser without reloading the entire page or site

    I'd appreciate any assistance anyone can give me on these two problems.


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    1. What do you have on the server side? PHP? MySQL?
    2. Read about AJAX.
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    my fault. I am using the latest internet explorer browser and MySQL. I don't have an extensive coding knowledge so I am still learning as i go.

    What is AJAX?

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