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Thread: [RESOLVED] Works in Firefox but not IE, not sure why

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Works in Firefox but not IE, not sure why

    This is the test site:


    When you go to the drop down menu and highlight the different options, the red boxes appear on what you can edit.

    This only appears in Firefox, if you open the same page in IE, they don't show up.

    Also, the pop up when you clickTopMenu Button 1 only works in Firefox, but again, it doesn't pop up in IE.

    Code is pretty simple: I used dreamweaver's drop down menu/list

    PHP Code:
    <option selected="selected" 
    onmouseover="h_TopButton1();" onmouseout="h_TopButton1Off();" 
    Top Menu Button 1
    h_TopButton1 and h_TopButton1Off just toggle the red box on and off.

    Thanks for any help, I need this to work on both browsers, and I'm stumped on why it doesn't work in IE.

    Thanks a lot
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    very suspiciousl
    lol maybe it depends what version of IE

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    Thanks for the quick response,

    The IE version I'm using is ver. 6.0.2

    The code is pretty simple, I figured it would work unless there was something about IE that doesn't support using the onmouseover command inside a drop down list?

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Figured out a solution, go here for the thread:


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