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Thread: Creating multiple testing sites in IIS6

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    Creating multiple testing sites in IIS6

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if there is a way to create more than one testing site using IIS6 on Windows XP Pro?

    If not, what would I need in order for me to have more than one local testing site? (for example - would I need to switch to something like Windows 2000 / NT (which I hasten to add I know nothing about )


    Also, just FYI -
    A little while ago I wanted to use absolute links (to the site root) to reduce the amount of maintenance that I had to do across the site so I changed the IIS setting so that it would recognise "/whatever" instead of having to do"../whatever", "../../whatever", etc.

    Not sure if this will effect things but if needs be I can change it back as being able to test multiple sites from IIS is more important to me at the moment.

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    can only make one site on xp pro at a time.

    but no reason u cant make as many as u want then change the local path under the home directory tab of iis snap-in.

    in other words, say u have 3 sites:

    go to iis snap-in, right-click default web site, click properties, go to home directory tab and change the local path to whichever site u want running.

    your enabling parent paths shouldn't break anything.

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    You can also work with virtual directories under the home directory and ceate a sort of mapping structure.

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