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Thread: Forum+main site?

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    Forum+main site?

    Hey everybody, just wondering what I need to look for in order to put my forum inside of my main website template...I can't think of how to really explain this any better other than how phpnuke does it with (I believe) the phpbb forum software.

    That is the main website, the grey area is where I would like the forum to appear when you clikc on the forum link. As of now the forum link brings you directly to the forum software itself which leaves me trying to configure a way to bring the user back to the main website from there.

    If I can I woul dlike to incorporate the forum with the main website as in phpnuke...is this even possible?

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    Well if you mean the way this site is on the front page, then we used vbindex, 3rd party software meant to integrate with vbulletin forums.

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