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Thread: how much cut do I give to a HTML developer? HELP.

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    how much cut do I give to a HTML developer? HELP.

    This topic is more of a business issue than techincal issue. But I'm sure there're experienced people who can give me an advise here.

    I am developing a e-com site (providing some service) in PHP and MySQL. It is my intention that the site is going to be up and running and people will pay me when they use the service on my site.

    I've found someoen who is going to do the HTML and graphical design of the site (I am terrible of that myself). I cannot pay this guy at this time but I can only promised him of a certain cut of the profit once this site is up running (hopefully it will make some profit). The guy is OK with that.

    I am not sure how much cut I should give to him, is there a rule-of-thumb number so I can put it on the paper before this guy starts his work? I'm doing all the PHP coding and decide what content I put on each page. I'll give this guy all the mock-up HTML pages. All he needs to do is using his artistic talent to make each page look more professional.

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    Need some advice for some expert on this forum. Thanks.
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    Although we are not allowed to discuss specific costs here, I am not sure if we can discuss percentages.
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    thanks for the suggestion. I don't plan to hand in the PHP code to the HTML guy. I have to embed PHP code into his final HTML myself.
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