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Thread: HELP NEEDED: Online Form cannot be filled in Firefox?

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    HELP NEEDED: Online Form cannot be filled in Firefox?

    Hi guys,

    I design websites that enable you to input your details for company order. Please take a look at www.cotw.com.au or www.companiesontheweb.com.au or www.corporationsaustralia.com. I put reminder for them to fill the compulsory part if they have not put and they proceed to the next page. They work perfectly well when we use Internet Explorer or AOL Explorer, however, it does not when we use Mozilla Firefox. It asks you to choose State field under "Company to be incorporated" even though that field has got a value.

    Feel free to fill anything to the websites to test it as we are at testing stage at the moment. The problem that I encounter is that I could not proceed to the next page when I reach inputform_au.asp or inputform_in.asp when I access from Mozilla Firefox.

    Could somebody over there please help me?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


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    I felt the form was to long so I didn't go as far as the state input box. However what I did find by using firefox is that it picks up the first unfilled required box.

    So if your ordering & Naming is correct there shouldn't be an issue. Getting back to the size of the form, it's size gives a lot of room for mistakes, which is something to consider.
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