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Thread: Xampp Vs. Wamp

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckdoublenecks View Post
    do I have to have a password using Wamp? If so, how do I edit the below(phpmyadmin - priveleges) to insert the password? I click on the edit icon(pencil) and get another page and see no way to edit from there. Also must I use "root" or can I use my own user name?

    User Host Password Global privileges 1 Grant
    Any % -- USAGE No
    root No ALL PRIVILEGES Yes
    root localhost No ALL PRIVILEGES Yes
    Check All / Uncheck All
    I meant to state that I'm running on win 2000 prof. And how do I know if the services are running? I tried my phptest.html and also a program to printout my database. Neither worked. Any advice will be welcimed.

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    I used to use XAMP: but, I much prefer using MAMP now.

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    I'M sorry for jumping into this post but after weeks of trying OpenOffice, Appserv, Zampp then Wamp, when finding this subject and someone saying how easy Wamp is, I decided to see if:
    1* whoever says it is easy might feel generous enough to help me thru it
    2* whoever says it is easy actually had someone to install and configure it for them.

    I now have only Wamp in my system, win 2000 prof., and the only thing I have changed (and I'm not even sure I should have, since I find little documentation)is the MYSQL my.ini:
    # 1) Use the CHANGE MASTER TO command (fully described in our manual) -
    # the syntax is:
    MASTER_USER='charlie', MASTER_PASSWORD='cookie';
    # where you replace <host>, <user>, <password> by quoted strings and
    # <port> by the master's port number (3306 by default).
    # Example:
    # CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_HOST='125.564.12.1', MASTER_PORT=3306,
    # MASTER_USER='joe', MASTER_PASSWORD='secret';

    I don't know how to tell if any of this is working except for the php test which doesn't work. At least with Xampp you could see with the console that the services were running. I just had the same results. If anyone would be willing to offer advice?

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    Does Wamp start Apache and MySQL automatically? These programs need to be made to start running. If the Wamp installer doesn't get Windows to start running these programs when you start your computer then you'll need to find how to start them manually.

    Presumably the intention is to make this software easy to use, so I'm guessing at least Apache and PHP should run without needing any configuration. So before trying to change the configuration, try to find if it's even running yet.

    I've never used Wamp, so I can't really offer much more than that. I just thought it might be worth mentioning in case it saved you from a great deal of hair pulling.
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    There is an executable that will be something like "C:\wamp\wampmanager.exe" (where "wamp" is the installation directory) which should start up MySQL and Apache (with the PHP module). It will also put an icon in the system tray, which when left-clicked should give you options to start/stop/restart Apache and/or MySQL, as well as viewing/changing many of the settings. You can put a shortcut to wampmanager.exe in your Windows startup folder if you want to always run it on system startup.
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