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Thread: Considering Web Design/Developer as a Career, but a little Lost, help.

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    Considering Web Design/Developer as a Career, but a little Lost, help.

    Hello Community,

    I am interested in starting a career in web design. I my goals are to graduate and work at a company either as a web designer or developer. I am a father in my 20s and the wife is becoming impatient (Mid-life career changes can be a nightmare). After some research, I can see that this field can be very competitive. Research in this field shows that about 20% are freelancers. I'm not sure if that means people prefer to be freelancers or that there aren't jobs available, "please help clarify". I do plan to go to school for this and have come across a roadblock. I really appreciate any knowledge, experience, input and advices from the community.

    Currently there are two different schools in my area that offers a degree in this field that I am interested in attending. They both are "Globe University of Minnesota" Bachelors IT "web development", and "The Arts institute International Minnesota" Bachelors "Web design & Interactive media".

    After a careful analysis of both programs, there are big differences between them. The Web development degree teaches many computer aspects such as html, css, xhtml, xml, php, C+, java script, content management systems, apple iphone development, and adobe Flash, and tends to teach towards a Computer science type degree. Whereas the "Web design interactive media" degree teaches many core classes in "Color theory", "packaging design", design layout, advance typography", animation, drawing, Adobe Flash, photoshop etc, and some basic html & css classes, and seems more like a graphics degree. Through this research and reading, my first question is, if you build websites, shouldn't you at least know some things in both of these degrees? Why not offer a degree to teach both design and develop? Anyhow I'm not being ignorant but only confuse, so please don't misunderstand.

    Therefore, I wish I can have the best of both worlds to teach me how to design and code in this field. I'm really stuck at this and don't know which degree to go for. After graduation, I prefer to work with a company to gain experience and skills before even considering freelancing. Will companies favor a background in computer web languages or graphic web design?

    Thank you for reading, and this forum has so many great resources, I think I will be visiting this forum for awhile. Thanks again.


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    As a general rule, the backend technologies pay better and will afford more job opportunities. Of course the more things you can do, the more employable you are, and the more money you will command.

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