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Thread: Permission Denied.....

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    Permission Denied.....

    Hello all,

    Can anyone see what I am going wrong? I have contacted my web hoster and they insist all files are Readable/Writable, yet I am still getting this error whenever I try to enter info into my form.:

    Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046'

    Permission denied

    /license_action.asp, line 7

    Here is my code for my form:
    <title>Form for License Generator</title>
    <form name="license_input" method="post" action="license_action.asp">
    Temp ID<input name="tempid" type="textarea"></br>
    encyyMessage<input name="encmsg" type="textarea"></br>
    start_date<input name="stdate" type="textarea"></br>
    genac<input name="genac" type="textarea"></br>
    genac_exp_date<input name="genexpdate" type="textarea"></br>
    genac_access<input name="genaccess" type="textarea"></br>
    bldc<input name="bldc" type="textarea"></br>
    bldc_exp_date<input name="bldcexpdate" type="textarea"></br>
    bldc_access<input name="bldcaccess" type="textarea"></br>
    bcpm<input name="bcpm" type="textarea"></br>
    bcpm_exp_date<input name="bcpmexpdate" type="textarea"></br>
    bcpm_access<input name="bcpmaccess" type="textarea"></br>
    indu<input name="indu" type="textarea"></br>
    indu_exp_date<input name="induexpdate" type="textarea"></br>
    indu_access<input name="induaccess" type="textarea"></br>
    <input type="submit" name="cmdsubmit" value="Submit">
    Here is my code for my license_action where the error originates from
    Dim fso
    Dim tst
    Set fso=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set tst=fso.OpenTextFile("D:\data\websites\clients\magneforcess\reading.txt", 2, true)
    tst.writeline "temporary id = " & Request.Form("tempid")
    tst.writeline "encyyMessage = " & Request.Form("encmsg")
    tst.writeline "start_date = " & Request.Form("stdate")
    tst.writeline "genac = " & Request.Form("genac")
    tst.writeline "genac_exp_date = " & Request.Form("genexpdate")
    tst.writeline "genac_access = " & Request.Form("genaccess")
    tst.writeline "bldc = " & Request.Form("bldc")
    tst.writeline "bldc_exp_date = " & Request.Form("bldcexpdate")
    tst.writeline "bldc_access = " & Request.Form("bldcaccess")
    tst.writeline "bcpm = " & Request.Form("bcpm")
    tst.writeline "bcpm_exp_date = " & Request.Form("bcpmexpdate")
    tst.writeline "bcpm_access = " & Request.Form("bcpmaccess")
    tst.writeline "indu = " & Request.Form("indu")
    tst.writeline "indu_exp_date = " & Request.Form("induexpdate")
    tst.writeline "indu_access = " & Request.Form("induaccess")
    Set tst = Nothing
    Set fso = Nothing
     if err<>0 then 
    end if
    This is just driving me crazy!

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    nothing looks wrong with the code. have you got it working on your own pc? just seems like they haven't given the windows user account you are working under write access to that directory/file.

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    Russell_g_1 is wright. I think you don't have access to the directory you try to access.

    Ask your host to check the permissions on the directory er even if it exists (probablly it does)

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