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Thread: Pandaz Pop Records

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    Pandaz Pop Records

    I have been asked to create the website for a small record label, Pandaz Pop Records. I was given the design, I just had to code it and put it together.


    What do you think?

    I would not like you to rate the content, but just the design.

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    For what little there is to review, not bad. Nice design on the top graphic and the general layout of the page is attractive. The page looks a bit bare but not bad.
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    If you were being pedantic you could change the & into special characters, it has very little real value but would make the validation nice and neat. The main header image would benefit from being optimised if you could find a nice balance between reducing it and loss of quality. Only a small problem at the moment but as the site grows and more content gets added it will only get worse. Considering the size of the site it should load instantly. Nice work!

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    My issue is the body text is hard to actually see. You may want to consider a bit more of a desaturated yellow as your background or to have a white background where the text is going to be.
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