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Thread: Newbie: IE margin, border & list issues. urgent!

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    Newbie: IE margin, border & list issues. urgent!

    I have a few IE6.0 WIN problems ... i have to have this simple site done by tomorrow ... im also a newbie at CSS.

    I want the image to overlap from one div into the next. This seems to work fine in Firefox/Safari/etc.. but not in IE6.0 WIN

    FIREFOX SCREENSHOT getcashforlife.com/test/Firefox01.png
    IE SCREENSHOT getcashforlife.com/test/IE01.png

    here's the HTML getcashforlife.com/test/index.html
    here's the CSS getcashforlife.com/test/style.css

    2. In IE6.0 the dotted border shows on the image and 'next button', but not on divCenter. It shows fine in Firefox.

    3. In IE6.0 the list items dont separate as their told ... as you ca guess, this looks fine in Firefox as well.

    SCREENSHOT getcashforlife.com/test/IE02.png

    Thanks for any help!
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    Please fix your XHTML and CSS errors.

    I suggest you learn how semantics apply to X/HTML.

    It's odd, IE6 doesn't render like the screenshot you posted. It's overlapping in IE6 here. IE6 is rendering the border as dashed instead of dotted though. (That bug is fixed in IE7.)
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    thanks, Kravvitz. I have alot to learn! It seems I'm flying by the seat of my pants here ... get the contract then learn what it takes to complete it. I'm trying very hard to grasp the semantics of the code as well as how to make my work standards compliant ... but with this contract I ended up having to use tables and 'hotspots' as a quick-fix, which i hate doing. When I understand CSS a little better I know I can remedy this. As you can see by the site, I've already learned alot over the last 2 days

    Although I havn't run it through a validator yet. I'll do that tonight.

    Thanks again ...

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