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Thread: How to center vertically?

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    How to center vertically?

    Is there a way I can vertically center both an image and some text in (say) an <a> tag?

    Whatever I try the text always demands to be aligned with the bottom of the image...

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    Try setting the line-height of the <a> to the height of the image.
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    Still not working

                #menu_options a
                      width: 132px;
                      line-height: 30px;
                      text-decoration: none;
                      vertical-align: middle;        
    This is nuts, there must be a way to do it...

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    Aha I've done it...

    I had to set the image style to "float:left"

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    There is always the deprecated align="" and inside of the "", are either texttop, top, middle, absmiddle, or absbottom.
    If you are doing what I think you are for a signature branding at the bottom of a page, you could also merely style the image with a margin to 'balance' it proportionally with the visible text. So, a hyperlink text with an accompanying image might resemble:

    <p><a href="#">Here is my link</a><img src="#" style="width:20px; height:20px; margin-top:6px;"></p>
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