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Thread: Error BC30002 - intranet.dataset1 not defined

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    Angry Error BC30002 - intranet.dataset1 not defined

    I have a very annoying problem that nobody seems to be able to fix. My project runs perfectly on my machine but when on the server it comes up with the above error. It would seem that once I copy all the files up it's looking in the wrong place for the definition of intranet.dataset1.

    How do I tell it where to look and how come it works on my machine but not on the server?

    Please help - any ideas appreciated - this has been bugging me for ages and I'm sure it's a simple fix as my page does work well on my machine.

    Thank you!

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    1)what is the name of the domain your desktop belongs? and what is the name of the domain the server belongs?

    2)where is the source of dataset come from?

    3)did you use frontpage extension when you develop ur site from ur local machine?
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    I've seen some people suggest doing a rebuild of the project on the server to register the dlls properly. Also, some discussion on whether the FTP process out of VS may be to blame.
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