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    client upload

    For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to create a file upload page for a client, so his customers can send him files. I've got the max_upload limit raised to 100mb, and I'm using a php upload form. This works, though it seems a bit hit or miss, and the customer has to sit there wondering if the file has gone or not until being told yes or no. On a slow connection and a large file this could take an hour or more. So I'm looking for suggestions as to the best way of doing this, preferably with an upload bar. My client is willing to pay for software to get the job done, so Id like some ideas. Thanks

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    One way to attack it is with an applet that actually uses FTP or other protocol to move the files. It's very difficult to get form-based upload to work for very large files because various things time out between the two endpoints, including the browsers.
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    I am working on something right now that requires a progress bar. I found a free utility online that shows bytes uploaded http://www.gozipline.com/uploader. The problem is getting the final file size of the image to build a bar. I am currently working on a Ajax/PHP/Perl solution to do this if you want a copy of it when its complete you can PM me.

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