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Thread: Finding 'http' or 'www'

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    Finding 'http' or 'www'

    I use a guestbook script which sadly get s abused by spammers.

    99.9% of the span contains the text 'http' or 'www'. Is there a way I can search for both of those strings and if I find them - exit the script.

    I have no experience with PERL so I need help with this one.



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    That SEEMS like a pretty simple problem

    if ($message =~ /(http|www)/) { exit; } # regular expression

    I have no experience with Perl (not capitalized)
    Do you know where to put that?
    Do you know how the $message variable gets set?
    Do you REALLY want to exit; I think not!
    What about valid posts to your guestbook that contain those strings?

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