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Thread: Please review http://www.buxfer.com

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    Sep 2006

    Please review http://www.buxfer.com

    Hi All,

    I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University. Together with a few friends, I have developed a website http://www.buxfer.com to help friends keep track of which other friends owe them money.

    Please review the site. Please let me know if you have any other feedback.


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    Very slow loading.....

    Interesting concept. You might get more reviews if you provide a fake user and password for the reviewers to use, rather than us looking at the "Take a Tour" section.


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    Sep 2006

    Demo accounts to try out the site

    Thanks for the suggestion KDLA. I have created two demo accounts

    login: demo1
    password: testtest

    login: demo2
    password: testtest

    on http://www.buxfer.com for people to try out the site and add transactions and such.


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    Sep 2006
    Nice web 2.0 idea. Nice layout, smooth interface. One problem I found is paying off the debt. I couldnt find anywhere to click to say that I paid my 12.50 for the pizza. I assumed reverse held this functionality, but if so I'd change the name to paid. As with many web 2.0 ideas outside of social networks it will be interesting to see if it catches on. Personally Im gonna stick to post it notes - or better yet not lending to my friends.

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    Sep 2006
    Thanks for your feedback, stilltsie. Yeah, currently we have no way of marking clearly if a transaction is paid. And as you have said, reversal holds this functionality.

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    Scotland, UK
    I would advise that you don't have all that text in one big image on the home page. I'd make all the text at the top just plain text as at the moment there's only a small Alt description for an image that conains lots of text.

    Even if you decide you really want to have it in an image then why not split it up? That image could be split vertically into 3 or 4 sections - the combined file sizes of the seperate images would likely be smaller than that of the single big image, the images would load one by one quite quickly on a slow connection as opposed to one long load time, and you could have a more descriptive alt tag for each image.

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    Sep 2006
    You got a good idea to make this site. I haven't sign up new account yet, just took a tour. I think your design is good, clean look, unique color theme.
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    Sep 2006
    Thanks for the useful suggestion bldstr. Yeah, it makes sense to have many small images.

    Also, thanks for the encouragement ecardmax.com

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    Dec 2006


    I find it hard to believe that you did no extensive research on the existing sites in this category (i.e. your comment on www.billmonk). Some of the same features seem like a rip off of this site, but it could be a coincidence, so i will give you the benefit of the doubt, but they may not

    Also, you really should contact them because they has patents on this idea according to their site. My roomate's old classmate from Northwestern Hugo Olliphant developed groupmoney.com --previously Gmoney.com


    in 1998 in San francisco. The site has been up since at least 1999 and I have been using it in my groups ever since.

    It is far more sophiticated and developed and easier to follow, has great graphics and is much clearer than yours. Yours seems confusing...very sterile graphic interface especially in trasactions category--looks like a blog page, not good. I like in Group money that they give you a whole bunch of the most used transactions (for roommates or other groups) by category with graphic icons--very user friendly and quick--- or you can add your own category

    The site has in the past, partnered with paypal for payments and you used to be able to pay with credit cards although it was fee based for that. It apparently was dropped as well recently.
    To settle, I usually use the "cash settlement" criteria to enter when people in my group pay up. I'm not sure why they dropped the pay pal feature they started in 2002, but it was not an option after about a year.
    Last edited by beewings; 12-08-2006 at 02:27 PM.

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    Hey Beewings,

    Along with my friends, I developed Buxfer to solve a problem that we had been facing -- keeping track of who owes how much to whom. What started as a simple script about 4 years ago essentially became Buxfer.com. At the time, we neither knew about GroupMoney or Billmonk. (To the best of my knowledge, Billmonk did not even exist.) Moreover, GroupMoney is not free and Billmonk does not offer the ability to create “groups” — users who you hang out with regularly like apartment mates or lunch groups — and automatic settlement within groups. Buxfer groups reduce exchanges of money because each member of the group pays sometime, and effectively after a few transactions, it all cancels out. Plus, you just have to track your “group balance”, and not your balance with each member of the group.

    Finally, thanks for your feedback about the Buxfer UI. UI is indeed our primary focus, and we have been honing it based on feedback from users like you.


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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    looks intresting the concept that is of the site, nice clean design, yellows are to yellow, go for a more warming yellow that digg has used in there site.

    yahoo own this site as well?

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    Warning: main(location.php): failed open stream
    oh another thing when you go to tour the image seems to be resized and made smaller it makes it harder to read you should either crop down or reduce the image correctly in a graphical image manipulator

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    nice design

    I like the design.

    It's that simplistic look like a lot of other "web 2.0" sites out there. I don't like how when I went to read your source it was an unlimited amount of things to look at. To much code for a simple page. Too many tables used just for your layout. Other than that there is a lot of potential. Kind of a cool idea.

    As far as the other poster trying to sell "his friends" website in a review, I don't get the point. The GMoney or groupmoney site you mentioned is still in "beta" even though it's been around since 1999?

    Maybe if new features and other pages were still be in "beta" that would be different, but if the main page is still in beta after 8 years, I think you have a problem. This whole "beta" has become more or less the same as "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" to me and it looks stupid.

    If you're adding features and other pages and claiming it's "beta" that can be acceptable. But if you're claiming you've been around since 1999 and your entire site is still in "Beta" I'm sorry but that's a bad sign. That and the fact your main page had some kind of general error and crashed.

    To the original poster, I like the concept and your site has a lot of potential. Keep things simple and get rid of the tables in your layout.

    To the poster trying to sell groupmoney.com, fix your own site before you start posting promotions on somebody elses review.

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    This is a web developer forum and no one bothers looking here?

    w3c validation

    The look and layout is very impressive but, you might find others may not be able to view all of your features.

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