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Thread: connection failure (mysql 5.0 dtabase)

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    Smile connection failure (mysql 5.0 dtabase)


    we are using mysql 5.0 database and .net 2003 .

    My problem is while connecing to the database con.open() gives an error.
    the error handler just shows "No error found Unable to connect to database on ..."

    this doesnot happen every time it connects to the database but it happens quite frequently.

    restarting the system will make the code function properly for some time.

    1) Are the drivers the problem
    2) Does connection pooling solve the problem

    • we are using a odbc 3.51 driver provived in mysql site.

    • We have closed every connection that we have opened.

    • there is specific pattern for connection failure , that is, some times it happens just 5 mins after the system is restarted, some times it works fine 5-6 hrs.

    Thanks in advance
    vanamali Juvvadi
    i have brains but sold it on ebay

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    so u were able to connected for some among of time and got disconnected.

    This can be a result of mutiple things, I had something simliar happened with sql server, and turned out its my was client's stupid network security.

    To isolate the problem, lets start with your application first, have you tried this ?

    if driver is not a problem, your next step is most likely to trouble shoot the network's security setting, maybe there were changes happened recently.

    hope that helps
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    Thank You

    Thank you for your reply i have not tried tried the link you provided , we will try it and get back if any further help is needed

    Thankyou once again
    vanamali Juvvadi
    i have brains but sold it on ebay

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