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Thread: Meta tags and those search engines.

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    Meta tags and those search engines.

    I have made several websites.
    I use basic html and write it from scratch.
    I have never had a problem with search engines finding my pages and I do always add meta tags.
    However, someone - supposedly knowledgeable in such things, mentioned that one should use bold script in meta tags. She says that search engines look for the "weight" of tags - hence the bold print.
    Also, not put such things as for example Antique, Antiques.
    She also said that there should be at little as possible within the meta tags.
    She also said I should have a good CEO programme for meta tags.
    I don't even know what that programme is.
    I make some pretty large websites and put the same meta tags on each page.
    Is that the correct thing to do?
    I wonder could someone clarify for me, just what one should do, regarding this. I fully understand that applying to search engines, isn't necessarily the magic bullet, but just want to know that what I've been doing, is the correct thing to do.
    Thanks so much

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    Most of the major search engines give little to no weight to the keywords meta tag with regard to search ranking. The main thing with it is to avoid overloading it with too many keywords and risking having a search engine not rank your page due to abuse of the tag.

    There is no "bold script" in meta tags. Probably the "someone" was referring to the presence of words within the body of your document that are likely to be search keywords that you would like to find your site. Giving them emphasis by including them within heading tags (H1, H2, etc.), EM, STRONG, B, or I tags may increase their effectiveness to some degree. Again, overdoing this by using the same keyword in multiple places on the page may have a detrimental effect if the search engine thinks you are trying to fool it.

    You might want to browse the Search Engines forum further down the list of WebDeveloper.com forums for more information and details on SEO.
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    Thank you so much.
    I'll have a look.

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