I have a PHP script the uploads a file to the server, works great in windows but gives the error " Invalid filename", I am running some javascirpt validation to allow only certian extensions, but I even disabled that with no luck. I am using the POST method to upload the file to the server.

In windows it works great, in Linux it doesnt, why?

I also tried to put a windows directory path in the linux file selected text field.


linux path -

windows path -

when I put the c:/ in the path on the linux machine it goes to the next step and looks like it works, but no file is upload. But I do not get the error "Invalid filename".
(I sure that it is due to the is no file on that machine to the path I have specified)

I know that Windows and Linux have dirfferent file structures, but I dont understand why I cant upload the file from my Linux machine.

If you need some code I can post some, but I will only post what you request (to save space).


If you request the upload code, I will post the upload function I have.