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Thread: Saving HTML Form Data to XML....... Need Help......

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    Saving HTML Form Data to XML....... Need Help......

    Pls look at the link below so as to understand my problem.....the page is very short so pls have a look at it.


    For the above link, the datas are being saved to xml using 'processForm.asp', if i cant use 'ASP' and my only choices are 'JSP' or 'Java' , 'XSL' to display. Can it be done???

    Any websites that have similar examples or links will be greatly thankful.....

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    You can do the exact same job with Javascript, as long as you make use of xmldom again....

    Here is a snippet that can probably pinpoint the similarity of the two approaches. Hope that it helps:

    var xmlDOM = new ActiveXObject("msxml.DOMDocument");

    // Load XML data from a URL into the XML DOM (Document
    // Object Model).
    xmlDOM.async = false;
    xmlDOM.load("some URL that returns an XML stream");

    // Iterate over the XML DOM tree to get the list of items,
    // loading them into an HTML SELECT control via DHTML.
    document.all.selItems.length = 0;
    var xmlNodes = xmlDOM.childNodes[1].childNodes;
    for (var xmlNode = xmlNodes.nextNode();
    xmlNode = xmlNodes.nextNode())
    var optNew = document.createElement("OPTION");
    optNew.text = xmlNode.childNodes[0].text;
    optNew.value = optNew.text;

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    Then again this tutorial may help:


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