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Thread: Thx for all your help guys...

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    Thx for all your help guys...

    Thanx one last time, Dont think I'll have too many questions from here on out.. except when i go to adjusting for older browsers, and even then, I may create a table based layout for them...

    But using a combo of css, php and mysql, I think I have it.. and the main page weighs in at 994 bytes... I love PHP, I love CSS, and especially include statements.. lol

    If you guys would tho, try the link, try logging in and out with the login, testuser, pass - testpass and let me know if it 'breaks'.

    Almost Final Draft

    I think the layout / design will go through a lot more tweaks, but hey.. all pages do.. I couldnt have done it (right) without you guys tho...
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    Works fine for me in Opera 7 and Mozilla 1.3a. But it got my name wrong, I'm not Howard I'm Rick

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    One small comment.

    You have a section on the page with code like this

    SALE <br>
    &amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; >Toys <br>

    Loose the &amp;nbsp; and use CSS margins or padding.
    // Stefan Huszics

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    Most of that is filler and will be going away.. needed something to simulate a menu...

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