I dont know how to explain my needs without this being lengthy, so bare with me.

My friends and i want to create a local online entertainment and nightlife magazine that allows visitors to interact with content.

We are looking for a single solution that provides the following capabilities.

Online web forum

We plan to use vbulletin.com. But, we would prefer a single solution that includes a web forum.

Online Store for purchasing online content and shipped merchandise

Again a single solution that has an online store where people can purchase online content (ie. be able to purchase and then download a pdf document) as well as normal online merchandise that would be shipped to them.

We want to be able to post articles via userfriendly templates

Each person on my team would have a username with permissions to post articles in specific sections of the website. They would have a form where they enter the article title, which section the article should be posted, the body of the article and insert pictures where appropriate. It would then post the articles in a consistent format and automatically include date article published or last revised and the authors signature info (ie. name, title of person etc)

We want to be able to provide hotel and club listings that allow visitors to comment or rate without registering.

Again, we would like it to work similiar to the article templates. Where we enter the appropriate information about the business establishment (ie. name, address, telephone, summary etc) into a template. It should also allow us to be able to add links to the business website, food menu's, prices or our own review of business etc. It should also allow visitors to comment on select listings and to rank select listings. A simple "post comment" box. But, we also want it easy to delete or move this comments within the software. This will also allow visitors to find our popular clubs or restarants based on visitor rankings.

Ability to post realestate listings

Similiar with articles and other listings, we should be able to create a custom template for this section which allows select people to post a home listing to include price, pictures, brief discription and links to other items etc. Also have the ability for someone to reply to listing to schedule a meeting with realtor.

Ability to feed RSS in select spots

We want to display local news RSS feeds. So we need the abililty to incorporate this into the applicable templates.

Ability to feed google ads in select spots

As with RSS feeds, we want to be able to select specific sections where google ads would appear, to include the web forum.

Statistics on visitors

The software should have the ability to provide a single-solution on web statistics. So we can tell who is visiting the forum, articles, listings etc.

Events Calendar

Similiar to hotel and club listings. We want to have a template where we enter the event date, brief discription, times etc. and then have users find the event by clicking on calendar or doing search based on select categories (ie. bars and clubs or live music etc. or location info like city names). Most importantly, we want visitors without registering to be able to post their own events which we could delete or modify as admins.

Classifieds Section that visitors can post too after registering

We want a simple classifies section, similiar to a forum where people post title and brief discription and then other visitors can reply via internal emailing or messaging.

News alerts that appear at top of all pages.

Similiar to how cnn.com works, when we post a news alert, it would be seen on all pages at top in specified area.

Special Needs

Ability to do live webcasts, podcasts and other audio/video features. We want to do a talk show and also incorporate video clips throughout web articles etc.


I guess the site would be a combination of cnn.com and the Howard Stern Show. Imagine a website where people can find local events, post items for sale or trade, read reviews on restaurants and clubs, make hotel reservations, read articles, watch video previews of nightlife, listen to live podcast show from one of the clubs, and most importantly be able to contribute or comment or rank the content which provides better quality to other customers.

I have been looking at Content Management Software, Portal Software, forum software and shopping cart software. But, i havent been able to find something that meets my needs and provides a single solution.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Lastly, we are not web experts. This is why we want the software to be as simple as filling out a template. So we spend more time on creating content or allowing visitors to create content then being spent doing web design stuff.

We are looking for a progressive solution. Initially we would like to spend up to $500 for this software. As the business takes off then we would be willing to spend up to $2000 and if this business becomes successful then we would spend up to $6000

Whatever the solution, we want to ensure it can be expanded, so if it grows as we think it will, we dont have to recreate everything. Instead we can upload the new content and templates to the newer solution.