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Thread: need some help with server side includes

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    Question need some help with server side includes

    Hey everyone,

    Could use some help with a server side include:

    I want to include a calendar that is created with php (I think); the url is like this:

    The pview is to only view the calendarpiece and not the rest of the page.

    I would like to incorporate this calendar in my page and thought i could use server side include for this, however ssi only seems to want to show things that are stored within my own server. The calendar is stored on a different server.
    I'm using IIS

    This is how i thought i could do it: (but failed miserably..)
    <!--#include virtual="http://test.site.com/folder/week.php?pview=1$area=1&room=2"-->
    thanks for all the help i can get; also when it means i have to look for a different solution.


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    I seriously doubt that server security would allow that. Sorry.

    Look for another solution.

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    It is my own server, so i can change a lot of settings. The other server is maintained by someone i know, so probably could change some settings there too if needed.

    If this won't work; any ideas how i can do it?


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    If you want to view this page in your site, why not try am <IFRAME>

    I dont think you can use a server include from a different machine, I guess the key word be a server side include. Is it possible to create a mapped network drive to the physical location of the file on the other server and then map to that.

    For example

    <!--#include virtual="c:/website/folder/week.php?pview=1$area=1&room=2"-->

    I also dont think (havent tried though) that you can pass query string parameters to an include.

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    I agree with Vanny... why not use an <IFRAME> instead?
    This can pull the page from the other server.

    ** EDIT **
    i removed part of my comment
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