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Thread: Advice on Frontpage

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    Advice on Frontpage

    Hey guys, great forum.

    Ok, I'm in a class for web designing, learining html and xhtml. In coulpe of weeks were moving to Dreamweaver 8 ,flash and fireworks for the rest of the semester. The thing is , the teacher told the class the apps were using, we can't get the copies or software to take home this time.

    So I have MS Frontpage 2002; I was woundering should go ahead purchase an upgrade to FP 2003? And if I buy flash 8, will it work well with FP 2002-3?

    And Thanks guys!

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    well you should be able to get a 30day copy of Dreamweaver, flash, and fireworks from adobe.

    Also keep in mind that as a student you can get huge discounts on buying the software. Where you ask???? well go and talk to the IT department or school bookstore about buying these. If you run into a brick wall there I'll look some places up, most times you just have to submit a copy of your student ID.
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    Frontpage is quite outdated and non-standard. You can download free trial version of Dreamweaver and Firework. Microsoft also developing his new web developping software called Expression Web Designer, very impressive, the beta is free to download.

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    Hey guys, thanks for your relpy. I'm not going to worry about it. Instead I'm just going to improve my coding for good while.

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