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    Forcing Homepage

    Hi All

    Need some help I'm looking for some code to force a website as a default page for my intranet. I have a couple of users who can not follow the rules, The desktop group sets our website as IE's default web-page and the next time we see that computer something else is the default page. and before the powers to be find out I thought maybe I could fix it first. Any ideas I don't care if it is asp or java-script. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Bill, this is really something that is set within the Operating system being used to control the homepage of the browser. NT/@k/XP offer administrative tools built in to disallow changing the IE homepage. 9x has the Policy Editor which can do it.

    This is really something that cannot be acheived by anything within your own site (intranet/internet).

    Actually that's not quite right, but since I know of the havoc that homepage hijacking can cause I think it is irresponsible to publish the technique on a respectable public forum.

    I really think this is something that needs to be set and enforced within the operating environment.
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    I have a couple of users who can not follow the rules
    Perhaps this is the problem you actually need to work on, instead of cleaning up after them.

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