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Thread: CPU resources and Javascript

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    CPU resources and Javascript

    Hey everyone. I wanted to see how CPU intensive javascript animation can be. So I went to this website http://www.schillmania.com/projects/fireworks/ to test how well my CPU can handle it. It turns out when displaying more than 3 fireworks at the sametime [there's a button you can press on the website and if you click fast enough, you can get 3 fireworks displayed], my CPU Usage jumps from 3% to 100%.

    Though on another computer, its CPU Usage jumped to only 50% and it pretty much stayed there but that's because the OS is capping my browser's CPU resources.

    Is there a way to increase a browser's CPU usage in javascript so I can pump out more javascript animation within the browser using only javascript? Maybe im being a little optimistic.. Sorry if i wrote too much.

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    there is a long story about the memory ussage & leaks. There are a lot of coding small tricks which will help (avoinding eval() method, using local variables instead of global, using carefully the closures.... a.s.o) Google for, and u will find a lot of these... As a general rule, the standard/correct coding will bring less memory leaks.

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