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Thread: Here's a brain-wracker for ya! FLV oriented

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    Here's a brain-wracker for ya! FLV oriented

    We need to figure out if we can create video presentations that can be updated by the user.

    For instance, the user (i.e. a student) is watching a streaming FLV via a website and wishes to pause the video and create a comment that will remain embedded in that flv for others to see upon streaming it in the future. So, the flv (and swf skin) would be somehow re-published after the user views and comments on it; when other users call up the site and view the video, cue points embedded in the flv by previous users would cause notes to pop up in the skin/swf.

    Is this type of programming possible through Flash? Action script or XML or...?

    Any recommended resources to further describe how to do this? I need to know if it's possible first.


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    Its possible, just not how you described it.
    I'd have flash load a text file, before straming the video.
    In that text file have variables for comment, and time.
    Record the time, and comment, that a user posts.
    As the video is plying once it reaches a time where a comment is sopposed to appear, have it populate a text box that is above the video.
    If you need any help, let me know.

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